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Established in 2011, Complete College Georgia (CCG) is a statewide initiative to improve student access to and graduation from institutions of higher education. Georgia Tech is proud to partner with the University System of Georgia to implement high impact strategies designed to promote retention, degree progression, well-being and sense of belonging among all of our students. 

About Complete College Georgia

Georgia Tech emphasizes best practices that are proven to increase student engagement and degree progression, adopting CCG and University System of Georgia Momentum strategies appropriate for supporting the success of our undergraduate students. High rates of degree completion, especially in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, are vital for meeting the workforce needs of the future. 

During 2021-22, Georgia Tech awarded 4,016 undergraduate degrees of which 3,329 were in STEM fields. The first-to-second-year retention rate for students in the 2021 first-time, full-time freshman cohort was 97%. Eight consecutive first-year cohorts have achieved the 97% one-year retention rate.

Our six-yeargraduation ratefor the fall 2015 first-time, full-time freshman cohort was 92%, an Institute record. The six-year graduation rate for women within the cohort also reached a record high of 93%. Underrepresented minorities within the cohort achieved an 86% six-year graduation rate, second highest on record. 


Six-year graduation rates for students in academic engagement programs at Georgia Tech (based on fall 2022 six-year graduation rates for students in the fall 2016 cohort).




Honors Program (LC+)


Study Abroad








Grand Challenges (LC+)


GT 1000

Source: Georgia Tech Enterprise Data Management (EDM) and LITE

+LC=Learning Community
++ UROP=Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program
+++VIP = Vertically Integrated Projects


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